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Purple Curtain

Our 2023 workshop was a huge success! Our attendees challenged themselves, created superb showreel and built new friendships.

2024 dates are to be announced soon.
Open to all but places are limited. Early booking is recommended for our Summer PROgrammes.

2024's PROgramme dates will be announced shortly...

Tucker Arts Booking Form

Our workshop attendees are given the opportunity to learn from industry leaders

*Guest teachers and showreel recordings are dependant on practitioner availability and are subject to change.

An offer for a service of equivalent value will be made and Masterclasses will be covered by an alternative professional performer in the case of any availability changes.

Purple Curtain
the ultimate summer programme consists of...
⚡️ two west end masterclasses
📸 1 to 1 headshot session with our tm
approved photographer
📖 acting and speech workshops
🎙 1 to 1 voice studio recording session
🎶 singing repertoire & vocal workshops
🎥 1 to 1 acting reel filming session
🔥jazz masterclasses with industry leader with industry leader creating a professionally filmed performance music video for use on Spotlight and showreel 

🖤 professional mentoring from our TM Agents and team
  • What is your audition process?
    In order to be considered for representation, young performers must attend our Tucker Arts workshops held at our base, Create Studios during the school holidays. Tucker Arts ensures young performers are set up for success and hold the necessary skillset and tools to achieve. Operating our audition process as a workshop allows young performers to meet Team TM and for us to meet potential clients and understand who we will be representing as a part of TM Kids. Each year we offer several fully-funded places for gifted children from low-income households, details of which will be available shortly. Sign up to our mailing list and keep an eye on our Instagram page for updates. If you would like Tucker Management to visit your theatre school and workshop your students, please get in contact to arrange an in-house audition day with the team.
  • How do I book professional projects?
    As a Spotlight approved agent with connections to industry professionals, Tucker Management has access to getting our artists all types of work including theatre, television, films, radio, commercials, corporate and photographic. Castings happen all over the UK. If you are based in the Midlands, you must be willing and able to travel to for castings. Good communication between the parent and agency is vital as castings can take place at very short notice, usually in London and sometimes in Manchester or Liverpool. Most professional projects take place during the working week and the length of time required depends on the type of job. Please note, you will need to make school aware that your child will be joining a talent agency, and if they are not prepared to support your child or you are not happy with them missing school for castings and professional work, it may not be the right time to be looking at joining an agency. Parents/legal guardians will be first port of call when a chaperone is required for short term shoots, however production may supply a licensed chaperone for certain shoots and projects with longer commitments. We want what’s best for your child as our artist and Tucker Management will always endeavour to find castings we feel to be suitable however there is no guarantee of work.
  • How will my child be cared for whilst on a production set?
    Tucker Management agents are all DBS checked, experienced and understanding professionals. We pride ourselves on empowering and advocating for children and young people in the arts. Our mission is to give young performers incredible opportunities whilst coaching them through the audition process and further into performance. Licenses The Children (Performances and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014 requires all children under the statutory school leaving age to obtain a license from their local authority. If a child will miss school for a performance such as stage shows, television work, radio, commercials, films and photographic projects, they must have a license. The law states that 21 days is the minimum required amount of time needed to process a licence, however most local authorities request 7 working days before the first performance. Once a child has completed their final GCSE year at school & they are aged 16 or over, a licence is no longer required. There are a few exceptions before then. If you are unsure, speak to your agent. Safeguarding We operate a stringent Safeguarding policy and ensure that our checks are performed with due diligence prior to a child stepping onto set. Should any concerns be raised during production, our agents are always available to discuss and resolve concerns.
  • What are Spotlight and Tagmin?
    Spotlight TM Kids artists are invited to become a member of Spotlight upon joining Tucker Management. Spotlight is the main casting platform we use to submit artists for professional work. Membership for young performers costs £114/year and this is payable directly to Spotlight. We do not represent performers without Spotlight membership and you must have your headshots taken by Tucker Management’s approved photographer at one of our headshot days. Tagmin Once TM Kids artists are registered with Spotlight, we invite them to join our Tagmin client base. Tagmin works intuitively with Spotlight and by using this platform our artists can update their availability and contact information, easily accept audition and job offers, upload self tapes and see the recent projects they have been submitted for.
  • How much does it cost to join?
    Initially there is a £50 joining fee for TM Kids artists and £114 payable to Spotlight. TM agents work on a commission basis with the artist's best interests at heart. Tucker Management deducts 20% commission for all professional performance work, usages, recalls, rehearsals and fittings.
  • Can I sign up to your training programmes?
    Absolutely! TM offers a unique school holiday programme with West End masterclasses, showreel recording, audition technique and more.. Head to Tucker Arts to learn more and sign up today!
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